“Joey Corpus has taught me everything I know about actually playing the violin.”
Lara St. John

“Joey is able to immediately spot one’s potential, and he encourages and enables one to reach it through entirely practical, tangible means. I have never before seen this kind of teaching.”
Robert Norman, Concertmaster of the London Baroque Ensemble (UK)

“Joey is a miracle to me. He has helped me find the freedom to be able to play in such a way that previously I’d only dreamed possible.”
Louise Owen, Assistant Concertmaster of the hit Broadway musical The Producers

“Joey has an incredible understanding of all aspects of the violin and a gift for seeing exactly where the root of a problem lies, analysing it and then finding a remedy. He treats you as an individual and makes you feel he really cares about your progress. This, coupled with his warmth, humour and patience, makes the process of solving difficulties fun and rewarding. He is a truly inspiring teacher.”
Katharine Gowers

“Joey is a profound musician with a keen, methodical mind. He never ceases to amaze me. He is, quite simply, the best.”
Amedee Williams, violist, published author and president of the William Lincer Foundation.

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